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Product: ERECTOR COFFEE $2.50 EACH MINIMUM 200 $500 Posted By: N/A
Highly appreciated your product restored mankind thx!



Product: ERECTOR COFFEE $2.50 EACH MINIMUM 200 $500 Posted By: champ
This product  is top grade! unbelievable! must try ! you re in for a treat!



The Best! 


Product: Erector Coffee 10 minimum $50 Posted By: N/A

Hands down the best enhancer out there. You get harder, more girth and intensified feeling. The other enhancers make you hard but also gives a numbing feeling to avoid early ejaculation. I put a little bit in my morning coffee each day and enjoy a nice semi hard throughout the day. When its time to get down, it goes down!


Works on my spinal cord injury clients 

Product: LIMITED TIME! WHOLESALE CAPSULE SALE! 100 capsules 4.75 ea. $475 
Posted By: Tony

AAAAA+++++!!!!! To date, I have given samples to several of my clients with spinal cord injury and the pill works great for them. I've have also used the product and after sample many other pills bought over the counter the erector is far superior to then and the effects it gives. 


Posted By: Jeff

This product is amazing. It has put a totally new feel into our sex life. It produces quickly every time. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs or just wants that something extra! 


best male supplement! 

Posted By: N/A
Best all natural herbal supplement on the market 



Product: CAPSULE SALE $5 EACH 15 minimum $75 
Posted By: N/A
Performance increases to an Allstat level. 



Posted By: N/A

I would recommend this product to anyone!!!!!! 

works great 


Posted By: N/A
I love it 


Great Product 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: Gene, Bartlett, Tn

I feel 25 again, it really works well. Mix with coffee and drink on empty stomach first thing in the morning and you are good for three day or a little longer. Have fun!! 


the heavy weight champ of male enhancement pills 

Product: 200 CAPSULE $4.75 ea - $950.00 
Posted By: N/A
best male enhancement pill on the market!!!! 


The Best 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: Bobby
Erector the best male stimulate I have ever tried, and it works everytime, but it works best early in the morning on a empty stomach. 


Product does what it says: 

Product: CAPSULE 15 MINIMUM 10.00 ea. 
Posted By: Ken

After 2 hours of taking the erector my orgasm was more intense than I can remember and more ejaculation power. 1 day later I felt like I was 18 again..I always had a very hi libido and this product gave me that feeling. When I'm around women I find just somewhat attractive I would get an erection at just giving them a hug....this product is really impressive...no problem or hesitation on getting an erection even if your not to attractive to them.... 

5 stars for The Erector!!! 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: Husband Of A Happy Wife

I was skeptical at first. My wife and I had been searching for something to supplement our intimacy. We had tried several products with little if any success. A friendly told me about The Erector. I asked him if it worked. He said, "Don't ask me - ask my wife!" I figured if she was happy then there was no reason to delay. So, I'll tell anyone who wants to know about the truth about The Erector..."Don't ask me - ask my wife! " Thanks Erector! 

It's the boom 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: Bobby

This product works like magic. It's the only product that I have tried that works time and time again thanks Erector 


Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: Teeball
Erector is very good and works very well. I am very happy with this product and will continue using it. 


Product that works quickly and lasts long 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: N/A
Product delivered quickly with no problems 


Excellent product and service! 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: N/A
A fantastic product that works quickly and lasts long! Specifically, it provides a solid boost, slows ejaculation, and turns you into a star! 



Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: N/A
Superman!!! Really the best out here!!! 


I have tried a lot of products but erector is the best i have ever tried 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: womack
If you have ED try erector or blood pressure problems try erector your girlfriend or wife will enjoy u all over again 


Rock Hard(for 3days) 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: James, Cordova,Tn

This coffee is the boss, it keep me hard for 3 days, i:m going strong and my lady is crazy about the new me.Thanks, 


best product on the market that works everytime 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: Sandman
It works just like it says it will do 


Smooth Discrete Delivery! Right On Time! 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: N/A
5 Stars for this product! 


this product really work. 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: James
the coffee is the best product on the market,i had a rock hard for three days, and my lady friend is happy she order five more packs for me. we are both happy. 



Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: N/A
It does a good job!! I really recommend it for everyone. 


The Erector Effect Has Begun 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: WeGya
This product has potential 


Smooth Transactions 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: WeGya, LLC

The erector products were delivered in a Fast and Timely Manner. Packaging was discreet and efficient . The art of the sample, gives this business opportunity explosive growth Worldwide! 


the erector 

Product: 1 COFFEE - $17.50 
Posted By: N/A
I have been doing business with you for three months everything is going great! The product work fine.thanks 


great stuff 

Product: 1 CAPSULE - $17.00 
Posted By: N/A
really stay in youre system for 3 days my clients over 50 luv it . my supplier gets them to me almost next day very reliable thanks steve 

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